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Oulu2026 murals

Which city district will receive the next Oulu2026 mural?


Upeart is an organization that focuses on public art. The organization is participating in our cultural program: ‘Joy of Urban Art,’ in which murals are created in the Oulu area. The locations are chosen through annual open neighbourhood votes for all city residents. Previous artworks have been created in Tuira and Rajakylä.

The public vote for the 2024 mural’s district is open from November 8th to 30th. Those participating in the votes can also suggest the location for the Oulu2026 mural and share memories and stories related to that residential area, which the artist can use as a basis for the artwork’s design. The artist search will open early next year.

In the European Capital of Culture year 2026, the mural will be created in the Oulu city center area. Various activities, such as art tours and competitions, will be organized around all the artworks at that time. After completion, the artworks will become part of the Oulu Art Museum’s collection.

The previous Oulu2026 murals

Seinämaalaus kerrostalon päätyseinässä Oulun Tuirassa.

Ilana Pichon: Ovensuussa (2023)

In the 2023 vote, Tuira emerged as the winner, and the artist selected was the Canadian Ilana Pichon. The Oulu2026 mural, titled “Ovensuussa,” (At the doorstep) is located in Tuira on the building on Valtatie 54. The artwork came to life through collaboration between the artist and the local residents. According to Ilana Pichon, the artwork reflects the warm reception she encountered while working in Tuira. She drew inspiration from the vibrant colors and abstract shapes in Tuira’s streetscape from different perspectives.

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Rajakylän muraali

Eloise Gillow: Turning Point (2022)

Rajakylä won the vote in 2022, and the mural artist selected was Eloise Gillow. The jury emphasised Gillow’s insightful social commentary and ability to build a connection between art and communities. Eloise Gillow met with local residents to come up with ideas for the mural at Rajakylä Library and Talvikkipuisto Community Center. She utilized these encounters in the planning of her artwork, ‘Käännekohta’ (Turning Point).

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