We are involved in many things!

The cultural climate change has begun! We have several ongoing projects that support our activities as the European Capital of Culture.

Ongoing projects


Equal Oulu2026
(2023 – 2025)

The project supports municipalities and cultural actors in the third sector in implementing cultural services equally. It also encourages minority groups to participate more actively in the planning and implementation of those services.



Hybrid Producer 2026

In the Hybrid Producer 2026 project, digital solutions are being developed on how live events can be experienced vicariously from the comfort of one’s sofa.


Kuvassa ruoka-annos

(2023- 2024)

The Puustia project by the European Capital of Culture enhances the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.



Oulu2026 liput

Northern Stories Project
(2023 – 2024)

The project collects fascinating stories from the Oulu2026 region and explores ways to present them both on-site and digitally.


Completed Projects

Ruoka-annoksia lautasilla

(2022 – 2023)

The MaKuRu project aimed to advance the food culture and travelling in North Ostrobothnia, as part of the preparations for the European Capital of Culture.


Oulu2026 liput

Cultural Experience Guides
(2021 – 2023)

The Cultural Experience Guides project aimed to create new business and job opportunities at the intersection of culture, natural destinations, and the tourism industry.

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