Oulu Culture Foundation

The Oulu Culture Foundation is responsible for the activities of Oulu2026. The foundation develops Oulu as a city of culture and events and promotes the preconditions for artists and the cultural sector, and participates in activities that develop the cultural sector nationally and internationally.

The foundation has a board that takes care of the foundation’s administration and operations properly to accomplish its purpose. The Board has nine members and the Chairman of the Board is Risto Ruohonen. The term of office of the members of the Board is two years. The term of the first Board will end at the end of the 2024 annual general meeting.

The Board is advised and supported by the Advisory Board, which includes representatives of the City of Oulu’s trustees, all 39 municipalities participating in the Capital of Culture and the region’s main binding groups representation.

Board of the Oulu Culture Foundation – Oulu2026


“Capital of Culture is a big development opportunity for the city, citizens and operators of different sectors. It creates the opportunity to do things big and grants the permission to do things differently – it also requires courage”

– Risto Ruohonen, the Chairman of the Oulu Cultural Foundation