Oulu2026 x Qstock

The Oulu2026 stage is returning to Qstock again this summer! As before, the stage will highlight artists and bands from the Oulu region.

The stage is located on Linnansaari, is free to enter and open for all ages. The performances can be enjoyed throughout the Qstock festival.

Radio Kaleva will take part in the Linnansaari event this year, so the weekend vibes can also be enjoyed through the airwaves.

Kiestus esiintymässä Qstockin Oulu2026-lavalla

Open Call for artists 

The Oulu2026 stage is seeking fresh, diverse, and forward-thinking performers from the Oulu region.

The application period is until March 1st. Selections will be made by the artist team assembled by Oulu2026.

There will be around a dozen performances on the stage over the course of two days.

Application form for the performers

(Google Forms, opens a new tab)

Qstock July 26–27, 2024

The Qstock festival takes place near the center of Oulu in the Kuusisaari and Raatti areas on the last weekend of July. The free-to-enter Oulu2026 stage is located on Linnansaari.

The festival has been sold out for ten times in succession!

Towards the European Capital of Culture Year 2026

The Oulu2026 stage is part of the journey of the Oulu region towards becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2026. Last summer the stage featured these performers: Valkea, Lajune, Sana, Eereka, Slow Fall, Recens, Kos Mos, Kiestus, Haamusoittajat, Junna, Saa Kiljua, and Mactopias.