Long Table Picnic in the Oulu Arts’ Night

Kuva: M. Plepys, KMN Kiemų šventė 2023, Kaunas Artist House



Come and feel the atmosphere and culture of the city at the common dining table in Mannerheim park in the Oulu Arts’ Night on August 17. from 18:00 to 20:00.

Sit at the table with your own snacks, grab takeaway from nearby restaurants, or come check out the tastings offered by the operators at Summer Night table setting.

This year we are trying the event as a free event, open to everyone. We will implement a 24 m long table with white cloths in Mannerheim park during the Oulu Night of Arts on August 17. from 18:00 to 20:00. There will also be live music and other artistic activities around the Summer Night Setting.

So grab your friends, your work team, your top team or just come alone to have social dining togethers!

The Summer Night Setting is part of the Oulu2026 Arctic Food Lab cultural program.




Arctic Food Lab

Northern Finland’s short but intensive summer ripens our local ingredients. Arctic Food Lab is a programme that brings forth the ingredients that have grown under the Oulu2026 region’s Northern sky, and the uniqueness of traditional food born under arctic circumstances. We want to offer locals and international guests Arctic Food Lab experiences that cannot be experienced anywhere else.


For more info, please contact us: arcticfoodlab@oulu2026.eu

Arctic Foodlab logo

The importance of home economics education is growing

Ready lingonberry soup.


In Finland, the basic education system is known for its quality and versatile teaching offer. One key part of this education is home economics education, which provides students with everyday life skills they will need in the future.

Home economics is a versatile and functional art and skill subject taught to manage everyday life, which also has social significance. Home economics education develops practical operational skills, cooperation and interaction skills, the ability to make sustainable choices and the ability to apply knowledge in everyday life situations.

The teaching creates a foundation for students’ household skills and supports their growth as active members of the family, home and society. In home economics education, you learn the basic requirements of everyday life at home and how to take care of your loved ones.

The importance of home economics education takes on an even more important role, especially with this uncertain world situation.


Source: Finnish National Agency For Education, www.oph.fi



Here is Luka ready for home economics homework – making a lingonberry soup.


Luka Pasma, a 7th grader from Pohjankartano school, made a work practice day in the Oulu2026 Arctic Food Lab program, writing the attached article.


Here is Luka’s favorite berry soup recipe from the northern forest:


Lingonberry soup


Ingredients (5 portions)

1 liter of water

5dl lingonberries

4 tablespoons of potato flour

1 tsp vanilla sugar

1 dl of sugar



Heat the water in a pot.

Add half of the lingonberries. Cook for 10 min.

Meanwhile, mix the potato flour and 1 dl of water in a small bowl.

When the lingonberries have boiled for 10 minutes, remove the pot from the stove.

Add the potato flour-water mixture, stirring all the time with a whisk.

Put the pot back on the heat, and let it boil (a little bubbling is enough).


Finally, add the remaining lingonberries and sugar.

Check the taste and enjoy <3




Arctic Food Lab

Northern Finland’s short but intensive summer ripens our local ingredients. Arctic Food Lab is a programme that brings forth the ingredients that have grown under the Oulu2026 region’s Northern sky, and the uniqueness of traditional food born under arctic circumstances. We want to offer locals and international guests Arctic Food Lab experiences that cannot be experienced anywhere else.


For more info, please contact us: arcticfoodlab@oulu2026.eu

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Programme Peek: AaltoSiilo

The Program Peek is an article series where, as the name suggests, we take a sneak peek into the cultural programme of Oulu2026, the European Capital of Culture. The series provides small glimpses of what’s to come and highlights interesting aspects.

Kuvassa Valentino Tignanelli

As the year 2026 approaches the former wood chip silo located in Meri-Toppila is being revived through a project led by the Factum Foundation. The aim of the project is to restore the building into a world-class multipurpose space for various exhibitions and public events. With the AaltoSiilo project, the cathedral-like concrete structure will transform into a center for science and culture, combining Alvar Aalto’s iconic architecture with 3D technology, creating a unique entity in the area.

The project manager Valentino Tignanelli explains that the silo will actively host events annually even before the actual year as the Capital of Culture.

“The first event we organized in the silo was Farewell to the hoppers, where the Transistori collective used the elements within the building’s interior as instruments, turning the space into its own instrument. The latest event, Screaming Duende, combined flamenco master Israel Galván and Huutajat (Screaming Men) choir. We appreciate the interaction between artists and the building, and we hope that the silo will always be the main star of the events held there,” describes Tignanelli.

How does AaltoSiilo connect to the Oulu2026 theme of “Wild City”?

“We see the wildness as a symbol – it is something that has disappeared and needs to be created again. Wild city in this Oulu2026 program needs to be this new relation to what we consider wild and nature. AaltoSiilo reflects cultural climate change by being part of that.”

How does AaltoSiilo promote cultural climate change in the area?

“From an architectural perspective, it is important how the restoration of a concrete building like the silo saves an equivalent amount of emissions that would be generated by constructing a new series of apartment buildings. Oulu is full of concrete buildings, and through our work, we aim to set an example for the use of similar structures by preserving and refurbishing this culturally significant silo.”

What can we expect from AaltoSiilo in the upcoming years?

“We are planning a public space to the lower floor of the silo intended for 200 people. There will also be a vertically arranged audiovisual cabinet of curiosity from the lowest floor towards the building’s highest peak. Silo is an iconic landmark of its era, where we hope to welcome both exhibitions and live performers.”

How would you like the northern region to look like in 2026?

“I truly hope that the Capital of Culture year leaves something visibly tangible in the city – such as this silo, for example. I hope that the initiatives and organizations launched during the Capital of Culture year will continue their activities even after the important celebratory year. I believe that the cultural landscape of Oulu will undergo significant changes as a result of the year 2026.”

Follow the project:

62 new projects for Oulu2026 culture programme

Oulu is a European Capital of Culture in 2026. The Oulu2026 culture programme in 39 municipalities is realised by local, national and international actors. The programme in Oulu is coordinated and managed by the Oulu Culture Foundation. The Foundation provides co-funding for projects. The entire culture programme will be published in 2025.

Banneri kuvituskuva Oulu2026

Oulu and the entire northern region of Finland will be filled with culture, art and events in the coming years. We arranged Open call 2022 that was specifically aimed for large-scale projects that take several years to prepare or carry out. Nearly 300 project proposals were received: about 90% of the proposals came from Finland, of which 65% came from the Oulu2026 region. 62 of the proposals have now been selected to complement the Oulu2026 culture programme.

In addition to the projects now selected, the Oulu2026 culture programme includes approximately 50 projects that have been involved since the application phase of the European Capital of Culture year, and the programme will expand further with the We are Culture Open Call in 2024–2025. The culture programme is divided into three themes: Brave Hinterland, Wild City and Cool Contrasts.

The majority of projects under the cultural programme are carried out under an external executive production leadership and they are selected and co-funded through the Open Calls. The next open call will be We are Culture in 2024–2025, which is call for applications for individual and communal projects.

The construction of the cultural programme will continue, and the entire programme will be published in 2025.

We will add information about the projects later this year.


Selected partners – Open Call 2022

Brave Hinterland – nature, art and life on the edge of Europe

The Association for Rural Culture and Education

Kivilompolo Kukkakollektiivi (workgroup)

Reality Research Center

Oulu Safaris Oy

Lumo Company

ArtAr-luonnontaiteenkeskus (workgroup)

Antye Greie

The Northern Opera Company

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre (Municipality of Ii)

The Mustarinda Association

Kulttuuriosuuskunta G-voima / Vaara-kollektiivi

Municipality of Kempele

Folk Extreme Oy

Oulu Writers Association

Erika Benke

Municipality of Liminka

The Danish National Museum / Ships department

Oulun Työväen Pursiseura ry

Kajaanin kaupunginteatteri (Kajaani City Theatre)


Unique local flavours and experiences 

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Oulu

Pohjois-Suomen Messut ry

Eija Ranta (workgroup)

Foodium Oy

Varjakan kyläyhdistys ry


Wild City – art and culture belong to everyone and everywhere

Kulttuuriyhdistys Bio Huvimylly (workgroup)

Limingan kansanopiston kannattajayhdistys ry

Akola Friends (workgroup)

The Aine Art Museum / City of Tornio

Perfect Circle Oy

Teatteri Telakka ry

Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (PPCM)

Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia


Oulun Rantasaunaseura ry

K2 Taiteilijatalo ry

Routa Company

Talous ja Nuoret TAT ry

Taito Pohjois-Pohjanmaa ry (Regional Crafts Association)

Oulu Theatre

Kulttuuriradio Oulu ry

Romanikulttuurin museon tukiyhdistys ry

Pikisaaren Villatehtaat ry

Kulttuurikiihdyttämö ry

PROTO – Designers’ association of Northern Finland

Vanha Villatehdas ry


Festivals in Europe’s spotlight

Varjo / Pro Piknik Festivals Oy

OstariFestari / Höyhtyän Kulttuuriyhdistys ry

The Irish Festival of Oulu / Irish Music Society of Oulu ry

Concreate Urban Art Festival / Helsinki Urban Art ry

Oulu Music Video Festival

JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre

Solstice Festival / four-one-seven oy

Valentin Vaala Film Festival / Brandstein/Ilmestys Oy / Municipality of Vaala

Puolanka Pessimism Festival / Puolanka Pessimism Association

Kuusamo Nature Photo / City of Kuusamo


Cool Contrasts – power to create something new

Pyhäsalmen Tanssi ry

Rauhankone ry

Oulu University of Applied sciences

The Ostrobothnian Contemporary Music Festival / Nykymusiikkiseura Lokakuu ry

The Finnish Light Art Society FLASH ry

Faculty of Humanities, University of Oulu

Screaming Men’s Choir, Mieskuoro Huutajat ry / POSK tuotannot Oy


Which Northern Story You Would Like to Hear?


Northern Stories-project develops new ways of bringing stories to their authentic locations using technology. The aim of the project is to create several themed routes with user-friendly mobile technology. We are mapping and collecting the stories around local culture and history from the Oulu2026 European Capital of Culture area together with local cultural history experts and citizens. We recognise that urban Oulu and the surrounding northern villages are filled with untold stories. We want to bring the stories to the people in an approachable and experiential way in the urban space and wider in the area.

Northern Finland has a rich history filled with stories about destinies, meanings, and revolutionary events. Our area is known for, among other things, air guitar competition, Tierna Boys tradition, presidents, and Oulu Kärpät.

We want to hear more stories! Which stories are important to you? Answer a brief survey from this link.

The survey is open until June 21st. You can additionally send story tips to us by mail to address Oulu Culture Foundation, Torikatu 18, 90100 Oulu. If you want to share your story tips in other form, then you can send them to anne.makela@oulu2026.eu. Among the respondents, we will draw a Museum Card (€76), which allows free access to hundreds of museums in Finland.

Together with experts in cultural history and the residents of the area, we will review the stories and phenomena that should be told. The citizens’ own personal stories also fascinate us. We will collect more personal stories in the autumn. The scripts for the selected stories are written by professional writers. For the promotion of the stories, a suitable implementation method will be chosen. The purpose is to create a simple easy-to-use operating model that can expand after the project in terms of content and geography. Later this year, the citizens of the municipality will be able to test routes.

Stories strengthens local identity and creates tourist attraction

We bring out the diversity of the region’s culture through stories. Offering intangible experiences in a way that is accessible to everyone strengthens the local identity of the area’s residents in everyday environments and creates tourist attraction. With the help of the project, in addition to attraction, the residents’ awareness of their own roots is also strengthened.

More information: Project Manager, Anne-Maria Mäkelä, anne.makela@oulu2026.eu, 040 673 5155

Implementer of the project: Oulu Culture Foundation sr.

Main financier: Council of Oulu Region

Project implementation period: March 1st 2023-February 28th 2024

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan liitto

Screaming Duende at the AaltoSiilo June 3rd

The Factum Foundation and AaltoSiilo are organizing the Screaming Duende event in Meri-Toppila, Oulu on June 3rd. The event is a world premiere of pairing the radical flamenco master Israel Galván and Huutajat (Screaming Men) Choir. The event is a central part of the AaltoSiilo project, which uses art and industrial cultural heritage to develop this unique silo.



There will also be performances by vinyl DJs Malsson, Tenko, and Matti Aikio and an audiovisual concert by Veera Neva & Arttu Nieminen. The event is free and will be live streamed and projected outside the Silo itself. The event can also be followed on Twitch (from 4 pm) and Oulu2026’s Facebook page (from 7 pm).

At AaltoSiilo Israel Galván will meet the world-famous Huutajat Choir in the spirit of Federico García Lorca’s concept of duende. García Lorca describes duende as a tragedy-inspired ecstasy, a poetic, and uncontrollable emotional state. “El duende, then, is a power, not a work. It is a struggle, not a thought.”

Oulu is the European Capital of Culture for 2026. Screaming Duende is part of the Oulu2026 culture program and the cultural climate change. The event follows last year’s event, where Transistori band played the silo building as a large-scale urban instrument.

Alvar Aallon katu 5, Oulu
June 3, 2023, from 4 pm to 9 pm

4:00 pm DJ Malsson
5:00 pm DJ Tenko
6:00 pm DJ Matti Aikio
7:00 pm Veera Neva & Arttu Nieminen
8:00 pm Israel Galván & Screaming Men’s Choir

A unique place gets a new form

The Factum Foundation and the award-winning architecture firm Skene Catling de la Peña bought the long-unused silo in 2020. Through events, the owners are exploring and developing AaltoSiilo into a versatile performance and exhibition space and research center.

Read more on the AaltoSiilo website.

Producer Valti Tignatelli, valti.tigna@factum-arte.com, +358 45 806 3171
Giulia Fornaciari, Factum Foundation / AaltoSiilo, giulia.fornaciari@factum-arte.com
Nicolas Beliard, Factum Foundation / AaltoSiilo, nicolas.beliard@factum-arte.com
Dan Barrett, Skene Catling de la Peña architects, dan@scdlp.net

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