Open call for young artists for the Delta Life Project

Oulu August Festivals are looking for promising emerging artists from the Oulu2026 region for the documentary series “Artists Arise in the Delta” for the years 2024–2026. The series follows the artists’ journey towards Oulu 2026 European Capital of Culture year. The open call lasts until the end of February 2024, and the selections will be made during March. Five artists/groups will be chosen based on the applications.

Materials from the project, including footage and interviews, will be used for social media content released throughout the journey. The overall experience will be condensed into a documentary series to be published in 2026. The project will culminate in the artists’ performances or exhibitions during Oulu August Festivals in 2026. In addition to the performance/exhibition spot, selected participants will receive compensation, media training and event guidance provided by Oulu August Festivals.

The application can be submitted through this form. 

Selection Criteria

  • Applicants can be individuals or groups representing any artistic discipline
  • Applicants must be under 30 years old
  • The applicants’ place of residence is within the Oulu2026 area.
  • Aim for professionalism in the field of arts
  • Readiness to commit to the process until 2026
  • Willingness to openly show their development and share thoughts (commitment to 1-2 documentation days per year)

Delta Life

Delta Life is a cultural project that culminates in August of 2026 in the delta of the Oulu River. As part of the Oulu2026 European Capital of Culture program, the Delta Life project explores and highlights the birth of the city and culture along waterways from fells to the sea, utilizing scientific research results. The digital media association: “Pohjoinen Kultuurivirta” is a key figure in documenting the project.

The artistic material accumulated over the years from water routes will finally present itself in August 2026 in the delta of the Oulu River during the month of Oulu August Festivals. It culminates in the Delta Life spectacle, which is the highlight of the late summer of Oulu, the European Capital of Culture of 2026. The artistic director for the project is musician, singer-songwriter, author, and video artist Jukka Takalo. The project is a collaborative effort, involving the festival network of the Oulu August Festivals and a broader group of cultural actors throughout the Oulu2026 region. More information about Delta Life can be found on the Oulu Cultural Events Association’s website.


More information: Executive Director Pia Alatorvinen, pia(at)oulunjuhlaviikot.fi, +358 44 723 2676

The search for artists for the Oulu2026 stage at the Qstock festival has started

The Oulu2026 stage, which highlights artists and bands from the Oulu region, returns to the Qstock festival programme. The search is now open for stage performers for the free-admission area of Linnansaari, near the centre of Oulu.

Kos Mos performed at the Oulu2026 stage in Qstock in the summer of 2023. Photo: Topi Paananen


We are looking for fresh, diverse and forward-thinking artists from the Oulu region for the Oulu2026 stage. The application period ends on 1 March, after which the selections will be made by the artists’ working group assembled by Oulu2026. The application form is available on the Oulu2026 website. The Oulu2026 stage will feature about a dozen performances over two days. Last year, we had a total of 80 applicants.

“Linnansaari is a fantastic place for the Oulu2026 stage, and last year showed that it is a great way to introduce local music to the Qstock audience. We are hoping for a wide range of applications from artists in the region,” says Henri Turunen, executive producer at Oulu2026.

Turunen adds that the stage programme is part of Qstock’s full festival programme, even though the stage will feature up-and-coming stars free of charge. Performing on the stage is therefore a great opportunity to showcase the diverse musical expertise of the Oulu region to the festival audience as well as other locals and visitors.

Qstock will take place on 26–27 July in the Kuusisaari, Raati and Linnansaari areas. The festival is once again expected to attract around 40,000 visitors over the course of two days. The Oulu2026 stage is part of Oulu’s journey to becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2026. Radio Kaleva will also be present in Linnansaari this year, so the weekend’s festivities can also be followed on the radio.

The application form for artists can be found at this link: Link to form.

Frozen People: Open Call

FROZEN PEOPLE is a festival of electronic music, northern art and wintry style. The event takes place on the frozen sea at Nallikari (Oulu) on the 2nd of March 2024 from 14:00 to 22:00. This free-to-enter festival is produced by Oulu Urban Culture and is part of the cultural program of the Oulu2026 European Capital of Culture. The organizers are now looking for enthusiastic artists to implement the art program.

The festival features electronic music artists and DJs. The organizers are looking for implementations that are not disturbed by the music being played at the festival. The artworks can be, for example, visual implementations, installations or participatory community art. This year the area will also have a second stage for performances requiring a sound system. The implementer can also be a self-taught artist or a DIY-oriented group.

It would be preferable if the artists could produce eco-friendly installations that will leave the area clean after the festival. The artwork must withstand windy, cold weather conditions and not cause danger to the audience. The work must be attached to the ice if the structure is light and it has a risk of falling over in a strong wind. The organizers will provide ice screws and cargo straps, which can be used to attach the work safely.

The open call ends on Sunday, the 14th of January 2024 at 4 pm.

You can find more information and the application form can be found at Oulu Urban Culture’s website.

Frozen People -festivaali

University Campuses will be filled with culture in 2026 – program proposals are being accepted now!

yellow wall from university of oulu
Have you dreamed of a more lively university campus? Would you like to be able to enjoy the cultural activities also during the working day, for example during the lunch hour? Could the campuses of the University of Oulu offer an attractive cultural program in the evenings, which would encourage the members of our community to come to the campuses even after studying and working?

Creative Campus project is now looking for imaginative event ideas and enthusiastic cultural creators, with which we can together enliven our university in the European Capital of Culture year 2026.

Send your ideas by filling out the attached questionnaire: https://link.webropol.com/s/Oulu2026CampusAsAStage.

Event ideas are accepted until 31 March 2023. Uniresta’s coffee tickets will be drawn among the respondents.

The University of Oulu and OYY participate in the Oulu Capital of Culture Year program with their joint Creative Campus project, whose events consist not only of established events but also of new event concepts. One of the event concepts to be published in 2026 will be the Campus as a Stage event series. The aim of this event series is to open the community and interaction spaces of the University of Oulu’s campuses to the use of cultural actors for, among other things, concerts, performances and art exhibitions. The purpose of Campus as a Stage events is to strengthen community and well-being, and to bring culture closer to the everyday life of our university community.

Open Call webinar 19th Oct: How to fill the application form step by step

In this webinar, we go through the Open Call application form step by step and what you should take into account in the different steps.

During the webinar, applicants have the opportunity to ask questions from the Oulu2026 producers or from the technical expert about the application form. The webinar will be recorded and shared at oulu2026.eu/opencall

If you need information about the open call process in general, our programme themes or search criteria, check out the applicant’s guide and materials from our previous webinar at oulu2026.eu/opencall

After the webinar, it is possible to book online meetings with our Oulu2026 producers for November 15-16th should you have questions regarding your project.

Open Call applications can be submitted until 9th December 2022 (at: 23:59)

We organise two webinars on the 19th; The first session will be held in Finnish on 19th Oct 13-14 (EEST), and the second session in English, 14-15 (EEST)

Join the webinar on Wednesday 19th October 2022 at 14:00-15:00 (EEST)