Brave Hinterland: Nature town Kuusamo

Kuusamo, on the eastern border of Finland, has become a meeting place for both nature and animals as well as people from all directions. Kuusamo is one of the most visited nature town in Finland. Unique nature of Kuusamo offers many possibilities to find a little explorer and great nature person inside you.

Kuusamo lies in Koillismaa, in the north-east corner of the old Oulu province. Kuusamo community centre is 217 kilometres from Oulu, 195 from Rovaniemi and 245 from Kajaani.

A flight from Kuusamo to Helsinki takes less than an hour and a drive from Kuusamo to Oulu two and a half. Kuusamo is also one of the snowiest areas in Finland with snow cover up to 80–90 centimetres.

Ruka is the most popular ski resort in Finland. 

In the third episode of the program series Brave Hinterland, Katariina van Earle went to explore Kuusamo’s history, present and the future.

(text in English)

This programme is the second part of the Brave Hinterland series commissioned by the Oulu2026. The programme is subtitled in Finnish and English.

The script and production of the program is the responsibility of the Oulu Cultural Events Association. The episode was filmed and edited by Saha Prod. The program is subtitled in Finnish and English.

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