How would you further the cultural climate change with 2026 euros?


In March, it is again the time to pitch innovative ideas that will further the cultural climate change, which is also the main goal of European Capital of Culture bidding project Oulu2026. At Cultural Climate Change Pitching, the participants will present their novel proposition that utilises culture in making Oulu and other cities better places to live. The winning pitch will receive €2026 to implement their idea. The final round of pitches takes place on 4th March 2021 virtually to allow entries from around the world.

The concept of cultural climate change is about reconnecting. It can take place between people and culture; technology and art; people and nature; nature and culture; or different types of individuals and areas. We are looking for innovative ideas on how one can use culture to reconnect different actors in spontaneous ways that will result in a better living environment. In 2020, the winning team was a group of Finnish and Russian students who combined art with sustainable transportation.

Registration closes on 31st January 2021. The event is organised by Oulu2026 and CULTA.

Read more and register: www.oulu2026.eu/culturalclimatechangepitching

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