The search for artists for the Oulu2026 stage at the Qstock festival has started

The Oulu2026 stage, which highlights artists and bands from the Oulu region, returns to the Qstock festival programme. The search is now open for stage performers for the free-admission area of Linnansaari, near the centre of Oulu.

Kos Mos performed at the Oulu2026 stage in Qstock in the summer of 2023. Photo: Topi Paananen


We are looking for fresh, diverse and forward-thinking artists from the Oulu region for the Oulu2026 stage. The application period ends on 1 March, after which the selections will be made by the artists’ working group assembled by Oulu2026. The application form is available on the Oulu2026 website. The Oulu2026 stage will feature about a dozen performances over two days. Last year, we had a total of 80 applicants.

“Linnansaari is a fantastic place for the Oulu2026 stage, and last year showed that it is a great way to introduce local music to the Qstock audience. We are hoping for a wide range of applications from artists in the region,” says Henri Turunen, executive producer at Oulu2026.

Turunen adds that the stage programme is part of Qstock’s full festival programme, even though the stage will feature up-and-coming stars free of charge. Performing on the stage is therefore a great opportunity to showcase the diverse musical expertise of the Oulu region to the festival audience as well as other locals and visitors.

Qstock will take place on 26–27 July in the Kuusisaari, Raati and Linnansaari areas. The festival is once again expected to attract around 40,000 visitors over the course of two days. The Oulu2026 stage is part of Oulu’s journey to becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2026. Radio Kaleva will also be present in Linnansaari this year, so the weekend’s festivities can also be followed on the radio.

The application form for artists can be found at this link: Link to form.