Congratulations European Capital of Culture Novi Sad, Kaunas and Esch

The European Capitals of Culture of 2022 in Kaunas (Lithuania), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Esch (Luxembourg) will celebrate their opening in the coming weeks.

Novi Sad will officially open the European Capital of Culture on 13 January with the opening play Zeniteum: 2022. The opening will be held outside the Banovina Palace.
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The opening of Kaunas is on 22 January. The program of the year kicks off with a unique performance by music, light, video and dance “Confusion”.
The opening of the Kaunas Capital of Culture year illuminates the outermost regions of the district and reaches the city centre step by step.
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The opening of Esch is on 26 February. There is live music, DJ sets, dance performances, projection screenings, light installations and a wide range of live entertainment events in various locations, on stage and around the street.
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The events of the opening will be followed on the Oulu2026 social media channels.