In which district of Oulu will the next mural be placed?

8.11.2023 | NEWS, Wild City

Upeart, a Finnish public art professional, is involved in our cultural program with the “Joy from Urban contemporary art” -project, which produces mural artworks around the Oulu area. The locations for the murals are chosen by the residents of Oulu in annual votes, open to all city residents. Voting is now open for the location of next Oulu2026-mural!

The residents of Oulu get to propose and come up with an idea for the location of the Oulu2026 mural, as well as tell memories and stories related to the residential area in question, which the artist can later use as a basis for the design of the work. This year the vote was won by Tuira and last year by Rajakylä.

Voting is open until 30th of November. Read more and vote here: Oulu2026 Mural 2024

In the European capital of culture year 2026, the mural will be realized in the area of the center of Oulu. Various activities, such as art tours and competitions, will be announced for the year 2026 around the created artworks. After completion, the artworks will be transferred to the collections of the Oulu Art Museum.


Eloise Gillow painting a mural on the wall of a 9 storey high block of flats

Eloise Gillow painting the first Oulu2026 mural in 2022. Photo: Mika Friman

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