The artist for the third Oulu2026 mural is being sought in a Europe-wide open call

27.3.2024 | GENERAL, NEWS

Artists participating in the open call can send their portfolios from March 27 to April 17 of 2024 and the selected artist will receive an invitation to work in Oulu’s Myllyoja next summer.

Upeart is implementing a series of murals in the Oulu region as part of the Oulu2026 cultural program, with new artworks being completed annually on the way to the European Capital of Culture year 2026. The locations for the artworks are selected through annual voting open to all Oulu residents. This year’s mural will be created in Myllyoja, to a six-story building at Karvarinaukio 12.

The artist will be selected through an open call for portfolios aimed at European professional artists.

“The purpose of the European-wide open call is to bring cultural exchange and diversity to the project. The first open call was a global search from which we selected artists for 2022 and 2023. This year’s open call is targeted to Europe,” explains Upeart’s art coordinator Yiorgos Slunga.

The open call starts on March 27 and ends on April 17, 2024. European professional artists over 18 years old can participate in the open call. In addition to covering expenses, the selected artist will be rewarded a 10,000 € artist fee. Detailed information about the location, participation instructions, and the rules of the open call can be found at www.upeart.com/oulu2026.

The artist selection is done by a professional jury consisting of curator Katariina Kemppainen from Oulu Art Museum, producer Inka Hyvönen from Oulu Culture Foundation, art coordinator Yiorgos Slunga from Upeart, and an artist member who will be announced later.

The artist invited to Oulu will start their work in Myllyoja, where they will meet with residents and look for a theme for the artwork. In 2023 Canadian artist Ilana Pichon created “Ovensuussa” (By the Door) to Tuira and in 2022 British artist Eloise Gillow created “Käännekohta” (Turning Point) to Rajakylä.

“For 2025 we are looking to work with a partner and create an artist exchange. This means in 2025 we are inviting an artist to Oulu, but in 2026 an artist from Oulu will receive a similar invitation. The artist search for the Capital of Culture year 2026 will be targeted to Finland and the artwork will be created in the central area of Oulu,” explains Slunga about the plans for the coming years.

Oulu is the European Capital of Culture for the year 2026. Oulu and the entire northern Finland will be filled with culture, art, and events in the coming years. Northern Finland will rise on the world map in an unprecedented way, as Finnish and international cultural talents create something new in cities, in the countryside, and in nature. This journey spans several years and will culminate in the year 2026.

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