Oulu2026 Cultural Personality: Jetta Huttunen

The eighth ART Ii Biennial that took place this June featured ecologically sustainable environmental and sculpture art for the northern environment within the areas of significant cultural heritage in Ii and the Ii Environmental Art Park. Involved in the ART Ii Biennial organisation since 2018, Jetta hails from Oulu but has also lived in Lapland for long periods of time.

Cultural Personality of the week: Anna-Mari Nousiainen

Our Cultural Personality of the week is Anna-Mari or Ansku Nousiainen, who describes herself in her Instagram bio as: “Failed film-maker, mediocre artist and soon-to-become bad tattoo artist.” Ansku confirms she is all that but also a lot more. At least, a loyal hype girl, pathetic softie, a bit tough, but deep down a really […]

Oulu2026 Cultural Personality:Havina

  The Cultural Personality of the Week is the indie band Havina. Hailing from Oulu, the band makes highly evocative music in Finnish. Havina is made up of musicians Juha Kuusela and Sini Sax. How are you these days? And how to you spend your spare time? Havina: Havina is eagerly looking forward to the […]

Oulu2026 Cultural Personality: Sanna Korpi

The Cultural Personality of the Week is Sanna Korpi, who originally hails from Oulainen. Sanna Korpi completed her vocal teacher training at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in spring 2020 under the tuition of Soile Isokoski. The same spring, she also earned a master’s degree in music education and qualified as a primary school […]

Oulu2026 Cultural Personality:Tessa Astre

The Cultural Personality of the Week is Tessa Astre, a multidisciplinary artist and art teacher. Tessa teaches comics and animation at the Liminka School of Arts and also serves as a planner and group leader in the Theatre Programme of the same school. Tessa Astre has served for two years as a member of the […]

Oulu2026 Cultural Personality: Iina Palokangas

The Cultural Personality of Week is Iina Palokangas, a singer-songwriter, music teacher, and cultural producer from Oulu. Singer-songwriter music has been close to Iina’s heart through her own music but also through the Taustatarinaklubi (‘Backstory Club’), a series of singer-songwriter events she organises. Iina returned to Oulu almost six years ago after studying music in […]