Seinämaalaus kerrostalon päätyseinässä Oulun Tuirassa.

Oulu2026 mural in Tuira

Upeart, a Finnish public art professional, is involved in our cultural program with the “Joy from Urban contemporary art” -project, which produces mural artworks around the Oulu area.

The locations for the murals are chosen by the residents of Oulu in annual votes, open to all city residents. In 2023 the residents voted Tuira as the location for the Oulu2026 mural.

In the European capital of culture year 2026, the mural will be realized in the area of the center of Oulu. Various activities, such as art tours and competitions, will be announced for the year 2026 around the created artworks. After completion, the artworks will be transferred to the collections of the Oulu Art Museum.

Artist Ilana Pichon chosen to create the mural
Oulu2026 mural “Ovensuussa” was  realized by visual artist Ilana Pichon in September 2023. The artwork is located in Tuira on the building on Valtatie 54.

The mural was created through interaction between the artist and the residents. According to Ilana Pichon, the artwork reflects the warm reception she encountered while working in Tuira. She captured fresh colors and abstract forms from Tuira’s cityscape.

Pichon was chosen as the artist for Tuira based on a global portfolio search held in 2022, with 530 artists from 64 countries participating. The artist selection was made by a panel of public art professionals: visual artist Kaija Hinkula, curator Katariina Kemppainen from the Oulu Art Museum, producer Inka Hyvönen from the Oulu Cultural Foundation, and Upeart’s art coordinator Yiorgos Fanaris.

Born and raised in Switzerland and currently residing and working in Quebec, Canada, Ilana Pichon has a background in architecture and visual arts. She works with techniques such as screen printing, murals, installations, and art books. Pichon’s art can be seen in both galleries and public spaces, and her background as an architect is evident in her site-specific and spatial works.

The first Oulu2026 mural vote was won in 2022 by Rajakylä, with Tuira coming in second. The artwork in Rajakylä “Turning Point” was realized by British artist Eloise Gillow.

The vote for the location of Oulu2026 mural of the year 2024 opens in November 2023.

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