Welcome to the bid book publishing show on Thursday 22.4

16.4.2021 | NEWS, Upcoming events

We warmly wish you welcomed – the bid book publishing show will be happening on thursday 22.4. from 18 to 19

Now, there is a unique opportunity to familiarise yourself with the contents of the hundred-page bid book, and the secret weapons that Oulu will pursue the win with. The bid book will be published to the general public on Thursday at 18.00 in an online show that will be available to view in Mun Oulu and City of Oulu YouTube channel. The show will be only available in Finnish.

“We are now revealing everything! We will share the jewels of Oulu’s bid book with amazing guests and conversations”, tells the Director of Oulu2026, Piia Rantala-Korhonen.

How has Culture Climate Change been created and what would the title of European Capital of Culture bring with it?

The show will explain more about the bidding journey, the contents of the application, the North, and city culture. We will be chatting with

  • Literary Artist Timo Harju, Artistic Director of Oulu Theatre Alma Lehmuskallio,
  • Air Guitarist Aapo Rautio Executive Director of Oulu Urban Culture Heikki Myllylahti,
  • Chief Executive Officer of Micropolis Ltd. Leena Vuotovesi and Chief Operating Officer of Oulu Safaris Janne Soini.

The show will begin in typical Oulu fashion with an air guitar performance, and will end beautifully with the stunning music of Lanai from Oulu. The partner municipalities are also involved with their cheerful greetings.


Published on Mun Oulu -kaupunkimedia and City of Oulu YouTube channel (direct link will be updated later). You can also follow the programme on the Oulu2026 Facebook page.

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