Take part in a survey about Oulu2026 and win a gift card!

11.11.2019 | NEWS

Please answer to the survey about Oulu’s bid for the European Capital of Culture in 2026

What is your image of Oulu and its bid for the European Capital of Culture?

The survey supports, assesses and collects information about the bid process. The survey is carried out by Cupore, the Center for Cultural Policy Research. The answers are confidentially processed at Cupore, and any individual respondent cannot be identified. No personal data is collected in the survey.

For the multiple-choice questions, choose the best option for you or write your answer on the space given. Your answers are saved as you go through the survey. We can also use partial responses.

After replying to the survey, you can leave your contact information and participate in a Ticketmaster gift card lottery, value 75€! The winner will be notified personally.

Please answer to the survey by the end of September here.

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