Webinar 6th Sep: How to apply to Open Call 2022

Image of Open call 2022: Oulu2026 culture programme. 3rd october to 9th December at www.oulu2026.eu/en/opencall

The Oulu2026 organisation is offering an unmissable opportunity in autumn 2022 for partners to become part of the capital of culture programme. The autumn 2022 Open Call is specifically aimed at large-scale projects that take several years to prepare or carry out. The call for applications for individual, communal projects will be announced closer to 2026.

Join the upcoming webinar on 6th September at 2pm, where our team will introduce the diverse culture programme and the main themes, how to participate to the Open Call and what are key steps towards October 3rd, the official launch of the Open Call. We will also share general information about Oulu and our northern region. The webinar will be held in English and during the one hour session, you will learn e.g. what we mean by large-scale productions, what are our three main programme themes, how the funding and overall application process work.

The Open Call will be officially launched on 3rd October, and you have time to submit your application until 9th December. The official application criteria will be available on September 1st on our website.

The webinar will be also held in Finnish at 13:00 local Helsinki time. The recorded webinars will be released on our website and our Oulu2026 Youtube channel. Before joining the the webinar, you can take a look at Frequently Asked Questions. 

Register to 6th Sep webinar in English 2pm (EEST)

Register to 6th Sep webinar in Finnish 1:00 pm (local Finnish time) 

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The Finnish city of Oulu, European Capital of Culture 2026, announces an Open Call for cultural programme partners

13th June first info-webinar recording (youtube)


Email us at opencall@oulu2026.eu

Music, participatory art and delicious food – Oulu2026 park opens in Linnansaari during Qstock weekend

banner for oulu2026 park that is open for public 28-30 julyOulu was recently elected the European Capital of Culture, which will give us the opportunity to enjoy its growing and enhanced cultural offerings. The European Capital of Culture programme can also be seen in the production of the largest music festival in Northern Finland, as Oulu2026 and Qstock will start a partnership that will expand even beyond the festival area and reach all the way to Linnansaari.

The collaboration between Qstock and Oulu2026 allows us to enjoy an atmospheric Oulu2026 park, where visitors can taste local Arctic Food Lab food, and enjoy free cultural programme during the Qstock weekend in Oulu. This partnership can also be seen in the festival area: the traditional Oulu stage will be called Oulu2026 stage.

Relaxation in the Oulu2026 park 

This July, the Qstock festivities can start before the festival gates open, when the atmospheric Oulu2026 park opens its doors to the public in Linnansaari on Thursday 28 July. The park is a perfect spot for visitors to sit down, take a break and enjoy the local delicacies made of Arctic Food Lab products.. The trademark, Arctic Food Lab, brings together those operating in gastronomy and food culture in the Oulu region, and celebrates Northern cuisine and gastronomy.

“The Oulu2026 park is open to all without an entrance fee, and no festival ticket or any other entrance ticket is required. The park is a lounge-type area where people can come and take a break from the bustle of the festival at any time. The park opening ceremony will be held on Thursday 28th at 18:00 before the festival weekend. In addition to varied food and beverage offerings, the Linnansaari area will also feature participatory art and live music,” says producer Heikki Myllylahti.

Apart from the lounge area, the Oulu2026 will be visible inside the Qstock festival area, as the traditional Oulu stage will be transformed into an Oulu2026 stage. According to Myllylahti, the idea behind the stage programme is to highlight local talents, but the repertoire can also be taken in a more international direction in the future. This year’s performers on the Oulu2026 stage include names such as Hegemonia, Survive the Silence, The Southgates, Sky Fighters, Fatal Effect, Good Luck Million, Kas Kan, Moskah and Aamun Kuningatar.

“The European Capital of Culture initiative is especially well known for the various events offered, but it is fantastic that this partnership also allows the wider public to sample the offerings of the Arctic Food Lab, for example. We want to offer both locals and international visitors experiences of Northern Finland that cannot be experienced anywhere else,” Myllylahti says.

Author: Iina Tauriainen

The article was originally published on Qstock’s website in Finnish on 19 May. Music, participatory art and delicious food – atmospheric Oulu2026 park to open in Linnansaari during the Qstock week


Art Ii Biennial 2022 presents: Oulu2026 In the Air

In the Air – Felt by a number of people to be happening, or about to happen.

In co-operation with the Oulu2026 –organisation the Art Ii Biennial will present an afternoon of art and art/science discussions in Ii, Thursday 16th June. The event will highlight the art and science collaborations of the Biennial.

Hanna Husbergs and Agata Marzecovas project Towards Atmospheric Care provokes discussions over the quality of our collective atmosphere and explores air as a naturalcultural and technoecological phenomenon situated in the nexus of media, science and technological mediation.

Husbergs and Marzecovas performative lecture “A is for Aurora, C is for Care” opens the discussion on air and the sense of change ‘in the air’. Husbergs and Marzecovas claim is, that if we are to form meaningful engagements with air, we need to radically and collectively experiment with thought and practice that position the planetary atmosphere as a shared and indisciplinary concern.

The lecture is followed by a panel discussion with international artists and curators of the Biennial reflecting on air in a way that transcends the isolating effects of data. In the panel we will discuss air as our common human, animal and plant lifesource, which must be accorded a global significance. Art and science collaborations play some part in putting collective responsibility in the air—a crucial goal for the 2020s and beyond.

The panelists: Tina-Marie Friedrich, Hanna Husberg, Agata Marzecova, Gabi Schaffner, Filips Stanislavskis, Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts. Moderator: Jetta Huttunen.

During the event the visitors have a chance to see all the Biennial works situated in Ii.


We offer a free bus connection from Oulu to Ii and back.

Timetable / Thursday 16th June 2-8 pm:

2 pm: Starting from Oulu, Kulttuuritalo Valve (Hallituskatu 7) to KulttuuriKauppila

3 pm: Arriving at KulttuuriKauppila: Gallery exhibition in KulttuuriKauppila (Kauppilantie 15)

4 pm: Gallery exhibitions in Old Hamina (Haminantie 17)

4.30 pm: Ecouteriat: Acoustic walk exercise OR Visit to the Environmental Art Park

5 pm Nättepori: coffee break and snacks (Puistotie 1)

5.15 pm: Performative lecture at Nättepori auditorium: A is Aurora C is for Care/Towards Atmospheric Care (Husberg & Marzecova) + Panel discussion: In the Air.  Context and Change in the nexus of Art, Science and the environment.

6.30 pm Discussion and drinks.

7 pm Leaving from Ii – back to Oulu est 8 pm


Sign up for the free bus ride (Oulu-Ii-Oulu) by 15th June: heli.paaso-rantala@ii.fi

Jetta Huttunen
Vastaava tuottaja / Executive manager
+358 50 3950313

Art Ii Biennale is organised by Art Centre KulttuuriKauppila

For more information:

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